Internet Explorer 8 End-of-Life

We will no longer support Internet Explorer version 8, effective February, 2016.

This web browser has various security and compatibility issues as a byproduct of its age. Trust and security are incredibly important to us, and we don't want to expose any users to the security threats of an aging browser. IE8 was also never built to support the rich internet apps enabled by the much younger HTML5. We're deepening support for HTML5, as it supports mobile devices, doesn’t rely on plug-ins, and provides a faster customer experience. As it has become increasingly necessitated by industry standards, software providers large and small are shifting support as well--even Microsoft plans to start offering technical support and security updates only for the most recent version. 

To ease the transition, any users who access the site on IE8 will be shown a pop-up with alternate browser suggestions and a link to upgrade if they choose to continue using Internet Explorer. This popup will be released a few weeks prior to the official end-of-life.

At end of life, users will no longer be able to access the platform on IE8. Version 8 usage is not widespread among Chronus users, but if you’d like to recommend one browser in particular, then it might be valuable for you to separately notify your end users.

Chronus will continue to support Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, Firefox 30+, Google Chrome 40+, and Safari 8 and 9.

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