New feature roundup: August 2014

We have 5 new features to share with you this month. 

For Admins

  • New Home Page Dashboard (Coming soon)
  • Activity Overview on Profile
  • New Connection Survey Type - Try it Today!

For End Users

  • Export Connection History
  • Allow Users to Edit Due Dates

Read on for details!


Features for Admins

New Home Page Dashboard - COMING SOON

Coming in the next month, your home page will show reports for all three stages in the mentoring program cycle: Membership, Matching, Engagement. Just browse to your current stage and see how things are going; click on the data to see expanded reports or to take action.

  • Get at-a-glance information about your program. No digging required.

  • Your activity feed will still be available 
  • Visible to admins only
Admin dashboard

For more information on home page changes, click here.

Activity Overview on Profile 

  • Click on a user's name to view their profile; this overview is at the top
  • View current connections, past connections, past meeting, current meetings, and profile completeness
  • Click on blue numbers for the corresponding data
  • Users can see their own key data by clicking to view their own profile!

User history on profile

Connection Survey Type - Try it Today!

Have you heard about the new survey type, Connection Surveys? It's designed specifically to use with Engagement Plans and will capture information about the respondent's current connection.

  • Connection Surveys can be added to any Facilitation Message
  • Look for the “Add a Survey” button in the message editor to choose which survey to add.
  • Connection Surveys can also be embedded inline in the task list via survey prompts
  • Make sure the name of the survey is fitting to be exposed to the end user!

We suggest pairing a facilitation message with a survey prompt in the visual timeline. That way, your survey will be clickable right from the task list, but we'll also deliver the survey via email too. This yields improved response rates compared to inline survey prompts alone.

 Facilitation message survey link

Features for end users

Export Connection History

Your mentees can export their connection history to save it as a knowledgebase.

  • Mentors and mentees can export the full details of their connection
  • On the right of their connection space, notice “Export Mentoring Connection”
  • The PDF export will be sent to the user's own email inbox

Export connection

Allow Users to Edit Task Due Dates

You can now allow mentors and mentees to change the dates on admin-created tasks. 

This is great for programs that:

  • Allow users to extend or shorten their connection 
  • Have tasks, but no strict guidelines on when they are completed
  • Use the task list for project management, where project dates can shift
  • Applies to all users of a specific template

This feature is available upon request at this time. 

Tip: Wondering if this feature is right for you? Stick to static due dates if you would prefer consistent reporting and expectations; this helps you keep a pulse on "overdue" pairs and understand general trends.

Here's a quick video showing how it works for end users. 


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