New: Deactivate or Suspend

Chronus has made an important improvement to your user management tools. You can temporarily deactivate users and they can opt back in if they wish to rejoin. 

Old functionality

Previously, the only option besides complete removal was suspension, which required you to manually reactivate a user upon request.

New functionality

Now, users who are deactivated can rejoin using the following methods: 

  1. Apply to join (if you have a membership form set up) 
  2. Accept an invitation from the administrator

How this will help you

This update solves a few needs:

  1. Often, users want to take a break. You don't want to suspend them, which blocks them from rejoining when they are ready.
  2. You asked for an easier way to regularly confirm if members wish to continue participating. This way, you can simply deactivate last year's cohort and ask them to register if they want to participate again. 


Here are the steps to deactivate a user. 

  • Follow the same steps you previously used to suspend one: Go to the User Views tool and use the "Actions" menu as shown in the image below. 


  • When you deactivate a user, you will be asked to enter a reason as shown in the image below. An email notification will be sent to the user with your reason embedded.

Reason for deactivation

  • Deactivated users can reapply as long as the Membership Form is set up. Any fields already completed by the user will be pre-filled to save them time. 

    TIP: For the best user experience, we recommend sending deactivated participants straight to your Join form, as shown in the following image. 

Join now form

  • Instead of collecting a membership request, you can alternatively invite a deactivated user from the Invitations tool.

    TIP: This is great for a bulk send where some of the folks on your invite list might have previously participated. 


  1. What if I want to completely block a user's access?
    If you have multiple tracks, go up to the global level. At the global level, you will only have the option to suspend. Suspended users can't opt back in or be invited. Admins must re-activate them manually.
  2. What is the difference between suspension and deactivation? 
    Deactivated users can opt back in at will. 
  3. Is it possible for a user to be active in one track and deactivated in another track? 
    Yes! They will still be considered "active" at the global level and will count as an active license.
  4. If a user belongs to several tracks and gets suspended at the global level, what happens? 
    Once a user is suspended at the global level, their membership in all tracks is deactivated and they are no longer part of your license count. 
  5. What if I have a data feed?
    Data feed behavior has not changed. If you have a data feed set up, users not present in the feed will continue to be suspended so that ineligible members are blocked. 
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