The New LinkedIn Integration Process

Chronus offers a few profile fields that you can use to allow individual program participants to supply work information from LinkedIn. For more information on these fields, read this article

LinkedIn has changed their rules for 3rd party app integrations. Per the new policy, you will need an API key set up for your software instance, which Chronus will do on your behalf. This requires us to provide LinkedIn with your company name and the URL of your mentoring program, and secure permission from LinkedIn to make API calls to download the above mentioned information from user LinkedIn profiles. There is a waiting period of about 15 days from the time we submit the application to the time when you can actively use the LinkedIn integration.

We have already completed this new API setup for all existing clients, so you are all set if you already had work field in your user profiles and the LinkedIn feature enabled. For new clients, we will secure your API key at the start of your program implementation.

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    Please note that the link to read "this article" doesn't work

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