More home page changes coming soon!

Have you heard about the home page revamp? It's coming in several stages. Stage 1 is complete, and Stages 2 and 3 are coming soon! 

Your home page is the page you land on when you first log in. Today, it consists of an activity feed, with some quick links on the right. 

Old home page

Our goal is to put more tools at your fingertips - and at your user's fingertips - the moment you login.

Stage 1 - Multi-program, global home page

(Enterprise edition only)

AVAILABLE NOW. If you have administrative access to multiple programs, your home page has been improved to help give you better insights. Notice the quick-info boxes for each track, with information about connections and links to vital actions and reports. Click "Manage this program" to go directly to the Manage page.

Global home page


Stage 2 - Track-level home page

COMING SOON. If you administer a single program or track, your home page for that track will soon become a data-lover's dashboard.  See success metrics right from the home page, organized by stage in the program cycle- Membership, Matching, Engagement. That lets you quickly assess the health of your current stage. You'll have links to take action if an area needs attention. Your activity feed will still be available as well, so nothing is lost here.

In the below screenshot, notice:

1. Reporting dashboard (cropped to show only the Membership-related reports)

2. Activity feed expanded via dropdown 

track home page

Stage 3 - End user experience 

(Enterprise edition only)

COMING SOON. This next change will help users who belong to multiple tracks. End users will see a summary of each program to which they belong. Quick links to frequent actions will be one click from the home page. This will help users manage their experience if they belong to multiple tracks. In addition, if users want to join another track, they can browse programs on their home page. More information coming soon!

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