Our Product Vision: A Letter From Kyle

Below is a personal letter from Kyle, the VP of Product Management at Chronus, sharing the long-term roadmap and vision for Chronus. We hope you enjoy this peek at what's in store.


Four months ago, I joined Chronus as Vice President of Product Management. KyleOver that time, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of you, and look forward to speaking with those I have not yet had the chance to meet. I’ve learned something from each and every discussion I have had, and I would like to genuinely thank you, the Chronus community, for that.

The primary reason I joined Chronus is because I feel passionately about building a beautiful, simple, and effective product that helps you and the people in your respective organizations achieve growth, learning, and success through the power of human connections. You have seen already how Chronus software helps you today in unleashing that power on your organization.

I’d like to share with you our long-term vision at Chronus, which builds on the strength of our current platform to help you achieve even greater success in the future. That vision consists of six key pillars of focus:

6 pillars

Best Experience

At the very core of our product vision is commitment to building the best experience in our industry. Over the next several releases, we will focus on building knock-your-socks-off mobile and web applications. Today, we are happy to announce that we are ready for a number of you to become early adopters of Chronus Mobile, a mobile-optimized experience that lets people connect with each other anywhere they choose, right on their smartphones. We are also pleased to share that we have a new visual experience coming very soon for our application, bringing a more modern look-and-feel to the Chronus platform.

Great Matches

The Chronus mentoring experience centers on a five-stage participation pipeline:

Full workflow

In the coming months, we will focus relentlessly on driving users through this pipeline. "Great Matches" will focus on the first three stages in order to get more people connected with a great learning partner. 

Signup and connect

We will bring new and more streamlined workflows to the product, as well as better insight into the flow of your program’s pipeline. 

Quality Connections

After a great match is made, Chronus software is the key to enabling high-quality connections.

Engage & Outcome

With a deep investment in workflow and information similar to that of Great Matches, Chronus systems collect data in an anonymous fashion to understand key predictors of Quality Connections. We’ll be turning that data into usable content, including suggestions for profile configurations, Connection Plan templates, and automated email campaigns, to name a few.

We will also continue investing this information in our proprietary matching algorithm—creating even more Great Matches.

Easy Configuration and Administration

We know that you have a to-do list at least as long as ours. Chronus software will help you get your programs up and running faster, and focus on what is most important to you. We’ll update the administrator experience you live in every day to make setup and configuration quick and easy, with workflows that help you get things done faster and spend less time looking for the information you need. 


Our analytics capabilities will receive continued focus. We will emphasize deep predictive analysis capabilities that help you quickly understand the health and status of your programs and the satisfaction of your participants. We will use data from the Chronus platform and other systems to provide reporting that will help you better achieve your program goals and validate the value of your investment in Chronus.


Finally, and at the core of our product, we will continually invest in our platform. Our flexible, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use platform will be continually updated to bring improved technology and a better experience. Our promise is to:

  • Keep Chronus time-to-deployment the fastest in the industry
  • Focus on high-value content guidance
  • Deliver flexible data integration
  • Provide world-class support

These six pillars—Best Experience, Great Matches, Quality Connections, Easy Configuration and Administration, Insights, and the Platform underneath them all—stand as our guide to success through the upcoming releases. Thank you for taking the time to let me share our vision with you. Please contact me at kyle.smith@chronus.com should you have any comments or suggestions about our vision, our software, or how we can help you be more successful.

I look forward to being a key part of your program’s success, along with the entire Chronus team and our world-class solutions.



Kyle Smith




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