New Feature Roundup: June 2014

We have four features to share with you this month:

  1. Improvements to the profile completion bar
  2. Survey metrics in Connections report
  3. Home page redesign (multi-track programs only)
  4. Managing resources at the track level (multi-track programs only)

Improvements to the Profile Completion Bar

In the past, mentees and mentors have expressed concerns about the profile completion bar on the Home page. Optional fields sometimes prevented full completion: for instance, not all users have a Skype address or secondary phone number. But if a user could not reach 100%, the progress bar continually reminded them of the sub-par score.

Now, if a field is optional, the user can simply mark it "Not Applicable" and it will cease to count against the score! The images below shows what happens when "Gender" and "About Me" are marked "Not Applicable." Those fields are removed from the completion widget and the score increases.


Profile completion

A few benefits of this change:

  • 100% profile completion is possible if optional fields are not applicable to a user.
  • No more searching to find out which incomplete fields count against the score. See the list of unanswered fields right in the completion widget.
  • Go to the field directly from the widget and fill it out.
  • Admin benefit: Less time spent answering questions, and less effort helping users complete their profiles!

Survey Metrics in Connections Report

Did you know there are now two types of surveys in Chronus Mentor? The original type is called a Program Survey and can be taken by anyone at anytime. The new type is called a Connection Survey and can only be embedded in Engagement Plans. This lets it capture data about who the respondent was matched with when they took the survey. 

In the latest iteration of this feature, you can now view how many surveys have been taken in a given connection, with quick links to see specific survey responses. The graphic below shows where to look. 

You must have a Connection Survey embedded in your Engagement Plan in order to see this data. Ask us for help determining if this feature is right for you.


Home Page Redesign 

This redesign only applies to the global level in multi-track programs. If you manage multiple programs under one "roof," that one roof should help you quickly manage your programs, right? The old activity feed, which can be useful in specific tracks to monitor recent user behavior, wasn't so useful globally. Instead, we now give you insight into a health "snapshot" of each track, with links to vital reports and tools.

Here's what you can expect on your global home page:

  • Activity feed is gone.
  • Roll-up engagement details are shown for each track.
  • See how many engagements are on track or overdue. The links take you to the Mentoring Connections tool with "task status" filters pre-selected. 
  • Quick links show if you have new notifications and take you to important tools like Admin Messages.
  • "Manage this Program" on the left takes you straight to the Manage page.

Global home page redesign

Manage Resources at the Track Level

This feature applies only to multi-track programs. 

Track-level admins can now manage their own set of unique resources. Resources can still be added by global admins for further control. Resources added from the global level can exclusively be edited from the global level. 

When viewing resources at the track level, the resources enabled in the track will have tags to clarify whether the resource is global or track-specific. This indicates whether edits can be made without moving to the global level.


For more information on Resources:

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