New Feature Roundup: May 2014

We have 8 exciting features to share this month. 

  1. Admin inbox filters (coming Friday May 30)
  2. Task comments
  3. Pending mentor request management (self-match only)
  4. Dynamic filters on All Users and other user views
  5. Inviting subsets of users to events
  6. User location map report
  7. System email preview
  8. Quick access to user details from inbox

1. Filter the admin inbox

Starting May 30, the admin inbox will have some handy email-like utilities to help you manage messages. You can now mark a message as unread and filter messages by several criteria: 

  • From - if a user sends a question, you may want to search for all messages from that user to understand context and see if it's related to a previous conversation.
  • To - similarly, sometimes users forget things you've told them before and you may need to quickly find a sent message and re-send it.
  • Date Range - search for all messages sent in a certain time period.
  • Status (read, unread) - Quickly find all the messages you have yet to read. Tip: If you have not yet responded to a message, mark it "unread." Then your unread filter tells you all the messages to which you need to 

Admin messages


2. Comment on tasks

Your mentees and mentors will love this. They can now add comments and attachments sharing task status. They can also check "send message" and the comment will be synced into the messaging area below, with a note showing which task corresponds. Possible use cases:

  • If a task asks a mentee to fill out a form, they can upload the completed file directly to the task.
  • If a user is behind on a task, they can explain what progress they've made so far and what obstacles they face. 

This pulls the inbox and the task list into a unified conversation. We anticipate your users paying more frequent attention to the task list, now that it's a place for meaningful engagement. 

Comment on tasks

3. Manage pending mentor requests

This feature applies only to self-matching systems. We have a three-part improvement to help reduce the number and duration of requests sitting in your system. 

  1. Reduce pending requests a mentor can receive. This protects mentors from receiving a heavy load of mentor requests and protects mentees from becoming one in a queue of many. Now, mentors can only receive as many mentor requests as their connection limit allows.
    Reduce requests
  2. Send automatic reminders to mentors if they have not responded to a request.
    Request reminders
  3. Close a request automatically if it goes 'stale'. 
    Close requests

4. Filter user views dynamically

In the All Users tool, you can sort and find what you need at the drop of a hat. Simply click on the column of interest, and selectable filter options will appear. Drill down into your user list by role, profile field answer, number of connections, and more. Once done, you can remove the filter to return to the previous view. This lets you message, send reminders, or report on subgroups of users without adding to your list of saved views.

Dynamic filters

5. Invite subsets of users to events

Within "Program Events" you can now invite a list of users based on specific criteria of your choosing from user profiles such as location, gender, expertise, interests and more. Once created you’ll see a user count for your list, and prior to the event you’ll be able to easily add any newly eligible guests. 


  1. Create and save a custom view in "All Users"
  2. Create an event and select your view from the drop-down
  3. Publish your event to invite your guests

The below screenshot shows an example in which a user view has been selected for an event targeting women. This view, labeled "Women mentees," was previously created from "All Users".

User view invited events

6. Location report

Is your mentoring program dispersed geographically? See an at-a-glance map showing where your users are based.

Location map

7. Preview system emails

You can view the content of any system-generated email, such as user invitations and new match notifications. To change content or disable an email, simply send your requested change to the Chronus team at We will work with you to ensure messaging is quickly updated and tested to your satisfaction.

Email preview

8. Hover-over user name to see details

When viewing your shared admin inbox, you can now hover over the sender’s name to see their role and other profile information without leaving the page. This feature works for your mentees and mentors from their inboxes too. In fact, it applies to most places in the software where you might see someone's name and want to know more, such as Articles and the home page activity feed. Our goal with this feature: reduce clicks for you and your participants.



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