New Engagement Plan Timeline

A new timeline view of Engagement Plans will be released this week, replacing the old Milestones and Facilitation Messages.

What will you see change?

  1. The icon set will change; the two buttons you used previously will be replaced by a single icon.

  2. Facilitation messages will be merged with milestones and tasks into a single view so you can treat all three features as a unified workflow, called the Timeline. Tasks are denoted with checkboxes and facilitation messages are denoted with envelope icons, as shown in the image below.
  3. Each task and facilitation message will be assigned a due date if mandatory (see image below). Facilitation messages are sent to the user’s inbox on their due dates. Due dates are converted to real dates based on the start date of a partnership.
  4. To edit a task or message, hover over it and select the pen icon. To delete, click the X (see image below).
    3 Icons
  5. Documents are embedded in task descriptions, making it easier for users to find a related document while working on a task. “Milestone Resources” no longer exists, so all documents that were previously loaded into “Milestone Resources” will be attached to their relevant tasks.
    Attached documents
  6. Your “Mentoring Connections” tool displays individual progress cleanly with a new interface. (note: report may have different name if terminology has been customized).

Hidden New Features

If you had previously already set up your mentoring process using the old feature set, it will be converted for you into the new design. Any edits you make will be applied to future connections. In addition to the basics, two new features can be enabled by request:

  1. In-tool calendar feature with ability to create meetings from within Timeline
  2. Goal-setting technology with tracking on progress toward goals. Choose to establish universal goals or allow mentees and mentors to create individual goal plans.  

Please ask your Chronus Account Manager if you would like to try out either of the above features. We can add additional Engagement Plan templates to your mentoring portal, allowing you to try out variations on your Engagement Plan with no impact to users. We are also happy to work with you to define a rich Engagement Plan that will best meet the needs of your audience, organizational culture, and program goals.

 The User Experience

The Engagement Plan provides a place for mentees and mentors to engage, with messaging, deadline tracking, and easy access to resources.  A few of the benefits include:

  • Checklist of “to-do” items—mandatory items will have due dates
  • Resources and links embedded in tasks
  • Focus on upcoming action items—expand to see future tasks
  • Profile pictures show ownership of tasks
    Engagement plan from end user view

 Resources and links embedded right in task descriptions: Click on a task to expand the description and see any resources that correspond to the task.

 User view of docs

Milestones: Tasks may be grouped under a heading to show overarching phases in the mentoring relationship.




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