Streamlined User Management

Starting November 4, user management will have a streamlined look and feel. This article explores the three components of the new design: 

  • Siimplified organization of the "Manage" page
  • One tool to view lists of users
  • Streamlined invitations and role additions

Please watch this video of our recent training on the new features or see below for detailed information. 

Simplified Organization of the "Manage" Page

In the traditional "Manage" page layout, user management was dispersed visually, categorized by user role (administrator, mentor, or mentee) and the type of onboarding needed (membership request, invitation, or manual profile addition). Based on customer feedback, we improved four key usability concerns:

  • Administrator management spatially separated from management of mentors and mentees.
  • Redundancy in user views because administrators, mentors, and mentees viewable from multiple locations: All Users tool as well as their independent icons.
  • Membership requests spatially separated from other forms of onboarding.
  • Six icons for viewing, inviting, and adding mentors and mentees.
Old "Manage page" layout: 
Old Manage Page layout

The new layout allows you to quickly and easily complete your management tasks via four simple tools, based on the four actions that administrators most frequently take:

  • View membership requests
  • Invite users 
  • Add profiles manually
  • View users

The role (administrator, mentor, or mentee) to be invited or viewed is selected
within each tool.

New "Manage" page layout:

New Manage Page layout

One Tool to View Lists of Users

Beyond the streamlined Manage page, we have combined user lists into one central tool: the “All Users” tool. The “All Users” tool includes various views of users. We have started you out with four lists: administrators, mentors, mentees, and all users. You can toggle between views with one click. You can even create your own lists to group users based on more complex criteria.

This streamlining means one consistent look and feel. In contrast, the previous interface for viewing administrators looked quite different from the "All Users" view:

Old inconsistent user views

Now, the “All Users” tool lets you manage and view not just mentors and mentees, but also administrators. Click the “Select View” drop-down to toggle between views, as shown below. For example, you can instantly switch from “All Administrators” to “All Users” or “All Mentors.”

New User Views

Streamlined Invitations and Role Additions

Below is a peek of the new “Invitations” page. On this page, invite a user to join with any role, or even allow the user to choose a role. This lets you easily invite all users, regardless of role, from one location—no need to hunt for the right icon.

New Invitations tool



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