Round-up: 6 new features you'll love

This article will brief you on 6 fabulous new features:

  • Video profile questions— Enhanced matching with the power of video, embedded right in the profile 
  • Bulk actions in "Mentoring Connections"When a subset of connections needs attention, admins can send messages and more
  • Help resourcesSoftware training your users can access anytime, tailored for your program
  • Mentoring offersOnce in while, mentors want to initiate connections
  • CalendarMentors post their availability, and mentees book sessions
  • Exporting reports to PDFThe same helpful graphics, now in a shareable format

Video profile question

With video questions turned on, the existing profile field type called "upload file" takes on a whole new personality. It will accept any video file up to 2 MB, and when a user uploads a video, it will be embedded in the profile. Video profiles add richness and nuance you can't get through the written word: mentees will get a better feel for fit and chemistry, helping them choose the right matches. Once connected, they will feel comfortable interacting with each other in person more quickly.

Please contact us to enable video attachments for your program.

Bulk Actions in "Mentoring Connections"

This enhancement lets you identify connections based on a number of criteria, such as connections that are at risk of falling behind, and take action in bulk: for instance, you can send messages to all connections that have overdue milestones, haven't had activity in over 30 days, or are in the final milestone.

A little background: "Mentoring Connections" provides a snapshot of each connection's progress. You can create new connections, view current and closed connections separately, and export the view to CSV. Previously, you could send a message to individual connections or close them one at a time.

Now, bulk actions are available. First, use the filters on right to isolate connections you want to reach out to. Then send a message to a group of connections, set expiration date, or close connections. You can also published drafted connections from this page. 


The new "Resources" feature is an opt-in area designated for end-user software training. Chronus Mentor offers a selection of training materials, from videos to documentation, on various topics. Choose which materials are appropriate for your program and download them from the "End User Resources" forum.  Then you can upload the materials to your Resources section. You can give the resource a title and add additional text if you wish. Choose whether a resource is for mentees, mentors, or both (Enterprise edition administrators can also choose which track to expose a resource to). Once the first resource is uploaded, users will see a "Resources" tab in their main navigation. On hover-over, a drop-down menu will appear that directly links to individual resources. This allows users to access help as-needed from any page in the system. 

Resources - end user view


Please ask us to enable Resources if you don't see the icon on your Manage page. For step-by-step instructions, read this article about uploading video resources.


Mentoring offers

"Mentoring offers" lets a mentor offer to connect with a mentee. It's the reverse of a traditional self-matching system. If matching for your program is done through self-matching, we recommend enabling both so mentors can take the initiative if they don't receive any requests. "Mentoring offers" is also a great addition to self-matching group mentoring systems, allowing mentors to reach out to mentees and invite them to join an existing group. Contact Chronus if you'd like to turn on this feature; once enabled, mentors can offer mentoring from the Mentee listing page and from an individual mentee's profile. 

Mentor offers



The new calendar is perfect for programs with session-based mentoring, allowing mentees to schedule sessions when they need expertise on a topic. 

Whereas traditional mentoring is relationship-based, involving long-term goals and mutual commitment, session-based mentoring gives mentees access to many mentors and is appropriate when the mentoring focus is narrow and highly focused. 

With the calendar, mentors select general hours of availability, and mentees schedule sessions as needed. One use case might be an onboarding program in which employees have access to multiple mentors, finding mentors based on topics of interest and scheduling one or more sessions using the Chronus Mentor calendar.

Exporting reports to PDF

You asked, and we listened. The Executive Summary Report, Program Health Report, and Activity Report can now be exported to PDF using the "Export to" button in the top right of each report. Your stakeholders will be pleased!

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