Flag inappropriate content in forums

Our advanced flagging feature makes it easy for your users to report inappropriate content and for you to take action. Using a simple dashboard, track current and historical reports of inappropriate content.

Users need to explain why they think the content isn’t appropriate, and you choose if it’s okay to stay or if it should be deleted. You can look at previously resolved “flags” to see:

  • The date-stamped decision as to whether the offending content was deleted or permitted
  • The name of the admin who made the decision
  • A preview of the flagged content and the reason it was reported.

Contact us if you'd like this feature turned on.

How it works

When a user hovers over a post in the Forums, Articles, or Questions and Answers, the icon will appear on the right.

Flag icon

When the user clicks it, they'll be asked to provide a reason. 

Administrators will receive an email when content is flagged. Find flagged content by clicking the Flagged Content icon on your Manage page.

Flagged Content icon

The dashboard is grouped by pending flags and resolved flags:Flagged Content icon

If you click View Content, you'll be taken to the location of the post in the Forum, Articles, or Questions and Answers. There the flag will be highlighted in red. Click the red flag and you'll be prompted to Ignore or Delete the post. Then if you return to the Flagged Content dashboard, it will be under the Resolved tab, with the time of resolution listed.

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