Profile fields that only admins can view and/or edit

Many of our customers have told us that they'd like additional ways to manage profile information. Perhaps there is some data you'd like to add to profiles and you want complete control of it. Perhaps you'd like to keep that information private. Chronus has introduced two new ways to configure the "user profile" forms to cover these scenarios: fields that only admins can edit, and fields that only admins can view.

Fields editable only by admins – Only admins can update and edit any field with this setting. The field will be displayed to users based on its visibility settings.

When editing a field in the user profile form, select "Edit by Administrators only."



Fields viewable only by admins – A secret question viewable only by program administrators. Use to capture data for admin reference that you don't want to be exposed to any users. The field display as part of the profile only to admins and will also be included in the csv download. 

Set this under the "Visibility settings" for a field:


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