Digest Emails

Digest emails are scheduled email summaries of important program actions that have recently taken place, highlights from community areas like forums and articles, as well as pending and upcoming actions that the end user should be aware of, like tasks and meetings scheduled for later in the week. These emails help users engage with important admin and community-driven activity, while also providing guidance on what the end user should expect to do next in their mentoring relationship.

Essentially, digest emails serve as an offline homepage that allows end users to stay engaged without having to log in to the software regularly. If no new, important activity has occurred within the program, end users will not receive a digest email for the frequency they specified (daily or weekly).


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Digest email contents

Control over digest emails


Digest email contents

The content of an end user's digest email will vary depending on what activity has recently taken place, what activities are coming soon for the user to complete, and your program's setup.

Below is an example from a structured, well-facilitated program in an active stage of its lifecycle. In this example, the digest drives awareness and engagement with tasks overdue or due in the next few days, an announcement posted by the admin the week prior, an unread message, and a pending meeting request. It also helps drive community engagement by sharing several trending forum posts or articles.


Below is a list of what type of information can be present in an end user's digest email:

  • Suggested next steps (upcoming & pending tasks)
  • Connection updates and activity
  • Pending mentoring requests or recommendations
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Unread inbox messages
  • New and/or updated help resources
  • New and/or updated announcements*
  • New posts or replies in a forum thread that the user is following
  • New answers and/or activity in a user's question for the Question & Answers feature
  • New comments on an article the user has posted and/or comments on the user's comment in an article
  • Top community activity, such as popular articles, forum topics, resources, etc.

 *To include an announcement in the digest, select the digest notification option when publishing the announcement, as shown in the below image. 


Administrative control over digest emails

As an administrator, you have control over whether or not end users will receive digest emails. If you would like to turn these off or on for your program, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Manage
  2. Look for System Emails under the Customize section*
  3. Click on Digests and weekly updates
  4. Tick the checkbox to the left of the first item (Program participant digest email) to toggle the digest emails off or on


*If you do not see System Emails under the Customize section, please get in touch with your customer success manager for assistance.


User control over digest emails

Users can update the frequency of their digest emails under the Notification Settings section of their Account Settings.


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