April 2017 New Feature Rollup

We've rolled out a handful of small, but useful improvements that make your program administration easier. 

With these feature additions you can:

  • See alerts any time an email will be triggered to a participant
  • Send messages to pending applicants
  • Filter participants by number of connections in User Views

How might these changes be useful to you?

Email Alerts

In the past it was sometimes difficult to understand what system emails would be sent when. With this newest improvement, admins will be alerted about which actions send which emails, and be able to review those emails before completing an action. This lends greater transparency to communications and helps admins have a much more nuanced grasp of the emails that get sent to users. 

Sending Messages to Pending Applicants

Previously, an administrator could only accept or reject a program applicant straight out, with no opportunity for communication while the application was pending. Now administrators have an open line to get further details from applicants before accepting or rejecting them. 

Filter participants by number of connections in User Views

This new feature can be used in a number of ways. You could use it to isolate certain populations like mentors who have had more than 5 connections ever. You may want to do this so that you can keep them out of the first round of matching in order to allow other mentors a turn, for example. You could also use this feature to look up all active mentees who are not currently in a mentoring connection, and from there, send them messaging to go seek a mentor. In all, it allows administrators much more fine grain control over filtering people into cohorts for the purposes of targeted communication and data analysis. 


Start using these features today and let us know what you think!

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